Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

If you’re interested in getting a hot tub but you want to keep the cost under control, you might be considering an inflatable hot tub. It’s obvious that they’re cheaper than traditional hard-sided units, but you may be wondering, “Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?” We’ll answer all of your questions here.

Inflatable Hot Tub: Overview

Bestway St. Lucia AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Gray

With cold and winter weather on the horizon, you might be searching for a means to stay warm while enjoying time in the backyard. Soaking in a hot tub is a fantastic way to unwind and relieve anxiety, but inflatable hot tubs may conjure pictures of glorified kiddie pools. An inflatable hot tub is deeper, stays clean, heats water sanitarily (again, not a baby pool), and lets you enjoy the massaging bubbles. It could be inflated and deflated, so it is possible to set it wherever you want, provided there is an outlet and ample space.

Most importantly, you get a chance to try out the incredible world of hot tubbing without making a massive investment until you’re confident you will like it. It makes perfect sense to go for a hot tub that’s quick and simple to set up.

And if you do not like it, you’re making a small financial commitment only.

It is difficult to give a 100% accurate indication of how long a hot tube will last as it depends on many variables. However, some inflatable hot tub owners report regular use for up to five years or more.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Are Movable

Additionally, because an inflatable hot tub can be easily set up and taken down, these types of spas are incredibly portable. All there is to do is blow the jacuzzi, fill it with water, plug the heater into a socket, and you are all set to enjoy your inflatable hot tub. This is helpful if you’re someone who frequently travels in an RV or the one who camps and travels a lot and always wishes to have a spa-like experience.

Of course, if you take it camping, you’ll need to ensure you’re on a camping site with electrical outlets to utilize the heater. On second thought, you may wish for an excellent pool of cool, refreshing water to sit in and keep calm when out camping. This is a wonderful idea if you have teens and want them to be busy and also being able to check on them at the same time.

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Inflatable Hot Tubs Are Inexpensive 

Coleman 90363E SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Pack of 1, Green & White

Another reason plug-and-play hot tubs are so popular is that they are quite inexpensive, especially compared to a hot tub’s traditional style. Most styles of plug-and-play hot tubs will be able to hold three to four people and will cost you somewhere between $400 and $1,200, depending on the model and brand you decide on.

Compare this to what a three to four-person acrylic Jacuzzi hot tub would cost, which will typically be somewhere between $2,500 and $4,500 depending on the model and brand you’re considering. Additionally, with a hard-shell hot tub, a few added expenses can be very costly. There are not as many different styles to choose from when it comes to inflatable hot tubs. Usually, most inflatable style of hot tubs looks pretty similar. This, however, does not indicate that they are all manufactured of the same quality and design.

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Beneficial for People With Health Problems

Inflatable hot tubs are beneficial for people with health problems, especially those who suffer from back pain.

Pain can be relieved by soaking in the hot tub. With this, one can feel relaxed with improved sleeping. A person who is prone to cardiovascular pain and blood pressure can also feel relieved this way. This is one of the most straightforward and least expensive ways to get the best benefits from a spa, from hydrotherapy. It’s very safe to use inside or outside, according to the requirements, due to higher standards and quality construction. 

The inflatable hot tubs are worth the money because of their unique characteristics. In the 1940s, Inflatable hot tubs became popular in the US, and people loved them for their unique features. Inflatable hot tubs are the best value for your money, Because:

  1. It can help to reduce sleeplessness
  2. It provides hydrotherapy
  3. It helps relax muscles
  4. It can improve insulin sensitivity
  5. It can produce better cardiovascular health

Easy to Pack and Store

Another great advantage that the inflatable hot tubs offer is the ability to easily pack and transport them whenever and wherever needed. Also, they do not take too much space. There is a little bit of effort involved with packing them up, but it’s not too bad.

These additions can be great for people who do not have ample space or those who want to use their hot tub on weekends or other occasions. It’s also suitable for renters because you can move your hot tub to another location easily.

Easy Setup

Intex 28425E 77in PureSpa Inflatable Spa, 4-Person, Tan

Setting up your inflatable hot is also very easy. Setting it up takes the same amount of time as packing. On average, it takes only one hour and does not require special tools or equipment. All that is needed is a space and access to water and electricity.

However, keep in mind that once the hot tub is set and filled with water, you’ll still have to wait about 24 hours until the spa water reaches a temperature of 104 Fahrenheit.

It Offers a Satisfying Hot Tub Experience

A hot tub is designed for relaxation or hydrotherapy. Sounds right, don’t you think?

Let us look at how a hot tub is measured in these three areas:


There is no reason why you cannot have fun in a hot tub with hot water, bubbles, and an excellent place to rest. One could argue that an inflatable hot tub can’t provide great comfort because they do not have built-in seats attached. While it’s true that there are no built-in seats in the hot tub, most people do not find this a problem.


A hot tub will relax you as a regular spa does. You can immerse yourself in it, stretch it out, and let warm water work its magic. The only drawbacks with an inflatable hot tub spa are that sometimes you’ll have to turn off the bubbles and heater if you want to enjoy a long dip and that they are smaller than a regular spa.


Hydrotherapy is perhaps the essential difference between an inflatable hot tub and a regular spa. You will not get a deep massage from a non-ventilated hot tub, although side holder pillows are somewhat more powerful and will provide easier massage. You will not experience the same benefits of massage in an inflatable hot tub. Most of the therapeutic benefits offered by a hot tub have little to do with massage. The simple act of staying in warm water can help. A hot tub also offers many well-known health benefits.

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Some Disadvantages of Owning an Inflatable Hot Tub 

If you are a person that takes pleasure in things that last, then you tend to be skeptical at first when something seems “cheap” because sometimes cheap things do not live up to your expectations. So, what about hot tubs like these that cost so much less than regular hot tubs?

Let’s take a closer look at what is often considered a major obstacle. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know whether to buy an inflatable hot tub or not.

The big issue against buying an inflatable hot tub is that it is too small.

When the data indicates that it’s a hot tub for four people, that means it can seat two children and two adults (all sitting close together) or four adults (all sitting very close together). A four-person hot tub with a capacity of about 200-250 liters is best considered a 2-person hot tub, with plenty of space for stretching and resting. That does not mean two more people cannot fit, but more than two, and you may find yourself touching someone else. For some, this intimacy may not be a problem, but it might be very awkward for others.

Some hot tubs say they are suitable for six people, and the 85-inch Intex Pure Spa is just one example. But even in these roomier portable spas, the volume is often exaggerated. A six-person spa is probably suitable for four people with luxury space.

Intex 28427E 85in PureSpa Inflatable Spa, 6-Person, Tan

To help you get a clearer view of the immeasurable hot tub size, look at the product image you are considering buying and make sure you like the look of what you see. Next, you should take a closer look at the size and what makes the inflatable spa fit well into the thick walls of the trapped air. These walls, on average, are around 10 inches in diameter.

That means, if a hot tub is 77 inches wide, then the usable area is small. For example, the four-person Intex Pure Spa hot tub is 77 inches wide from the outside but takes those thick walls full of air and ends up with only an inside diameter of 58 inches.

Find a tape measure and use it to measure the size. It’s better to mark the internal width of the ground. Use a cord or garden hose to mark the body size. If you have your circle down, stay in it. Also, get your friends or family members to do the same. You need to be able to get a good idea of how many people you can feel comfortable with.

It may seem like a little “weird,” a bunch of people sitting on the floor in a circle, but honestly, it’s a much better way. Popular hot products such as Coleman and Intex stand at 28 inches high but only allow up to 24 inches (two feet) of water.

While a hot tub can provide reasonable heat protection more effectively than any other common feature affecting the water temperature, the air used to power bubble jets comes from the outside. So, if the ambient air temperature outside is at 50 degrees F, you will have to blow the air at 50 degrees and transfer it to the water. This will cool the hot water in the bathtub very quickly which depends on how fast the outside temperature is changing.

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To Summarize

 An inflatable hot tub has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • It helps your muscles to relax
  • Helps you to sleep better at night
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves insulin sensitivity in your body
  • It is compact.
  • It is easy to carry around
  • Affordable
  • Wide range to choose from
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Great party feature

So, to answer the question “Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?”, the answer is yes, they can be a good purchase. If you’re looking for the benefits of a hot tub at an affordable price, consider one of these inflatable models.

We hope the information we provided you with helps you buy an inflatable hot tub that keeps you and your family warm during the winters and acts as a relaxing place to hang out. Inflatable hot tubs are cheap and need more time to warm, but they are worth it for spending quality time with friends and family and giving rest to your body occasionally.

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