The Best Gas Fire Pits For Your Backyard

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Best Gas Fire Pits

Your backyard is where you spend time with your family and friends, so make sure it’s the perfect place to be. With one of the best gas fire pits in your yard, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable evening out on the patio.

Gas fire pits are a great way to enhance your backyard get-togethers, both for the entertainment and warmth they provide. They can add some ambiance in any season, and come in many different shapes and sizes. There is a gas fire pit out there to suit your needs! Whether you’re looking for something small or large, we will show you what’s right for you.

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The Best Gas Fire Pits 

1. Best Overall: Bluegrass Living Rectangular Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table

Bluegrass Living GN1Q121S 52 Inch Outdoor Rectangular Aluminum 50,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit Table with Glass Wind Guard, Fabric Cover, Crystal Glass Beads, Silver

Compared to all other fire table solutions in this article, this is one of the higher-end models. It provides its users with a whole bunch of practical features, making it an incredible choice if you’re not on a tight budget.

When it comes to its build quality, it has excellent strength while still looking extraordinary with the help of its crystal glass beads and wind guard on top.

Bluegrass Living features a simple slide-in and out system that hides the gas tank within its stunning aluminum design.

The package includes an Oxford 300D weather cover for extra safety from outside elements that may damage the fire pit.

You can also use this 50,000 BTU fire table as a bistro table when the fire isn’t in use. The design also offers a simple fuel access door for propane exchange. The size of the fuel tank is around 20 pounds. 

This multi-purpose product offers easy conversion into an outdoor dining table, coffee table, outdoor dining table, or casual bar in your garden, balcony courtyard, or terrace. 

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  • Heating capacity of up to 50,000 BTU
  • It comes with a one-year-long warranty
  • Can be used as a bistro table
  • Excellent quality
  • Includes wind guard and weather cover
  • Higher price

2. Best Portable Model: BTU Aurora Portable Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit

Bond Manufacturing 67836 54,000 BTU Aurora Camping, Backyard, Tailgating, Hunting and Patio. Locking Lid & Carry Handle Portable Steel Propane Gas Fire Pit Outdoor Firebowl, 18.5", Bronze

If you’re looking for a fire pit that you can take with you when you go camping, the Barton Outdoor Propane Fire Pit would be a perfect fit.

This spectacular fire pit delivers unique features which complement any outdoor setting and will catch your guest’s attention.

This particular model features stainless steel burners with better safety standards. 

With a tremendous heat capacity of 48,000 BTU, this product also comes with a push-spark ignition system that offers easy and convenient ignition.

In addition, the propane panel is well-sealed to guarantee that no fire hazards are caused.

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  • User-friendly controls
  • The fuel tank seals tightly to prevent any leakage
  • It’s portable
  • Since it’s portable, it doesn’t feature the same design style of some of the other models

3. Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Gas Fire Pit 

Endless Summer GAD1429SP Fire Table | Outdoor use, Liquid Propane Gas only

Need an appealing fire pit that produces sufficient warmth to keep everybody toasty even after the sun goes down? Choose the Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit as your pick. It generates a powerful 50,000 BTU heat and works on a 20-pound propane tank that’s wrapped neatly in a sleek steel case underneath the fire pit’s bowl, keeping it out of sight.

Sparks dance from 12 pounds of fire glass, which fill the bowl and produce a sparkling flame effect. The Endless Summer fire pit also has an igniter with a security valve and a steel insert to cover the bowl when not being used. The unit weighs 80 pounds, stands 25 inches high, and measures 30 inches long by 30 inches wide.

Check the price on Amazon

  • Aesthetic design
  • Concealed and secure gas compartments
  • Features a 12-pound green fire glass
  • 50,000 BTU
  • Susceptible to rust
  • On the more expensive side

4. Hiland Stainless Steel Propane Fire Pit

Hiland GSF-PR-PC Propane Fire Pit, 42,000 BTU, Stainless Steel Lid w/Fire Glass, Square, Hammered Bronze

Compared with a lot of other choices out there, the Hiland GSF-PR Propane Fire Pit is probably the most safe and secure gas fire pit because of various extra features that are not found in other models. 

A simple access door beneath the table is more than enough to store the 20-pound propane tank. In addition, the Hiland GSF-PR also features a thermocouple flame failure for added safety and protection.

This model offers the user a wide array of security certificates, including CSA. Other than that, it includes a glass wind guard in the package. While the guard is primarily there to shield the fire from wind, it can also prevent any unintentional contact with the hot surface or the actual fire.

The gas fire pit offers 40,000 BTU and the tank storage is around 20 pounds, which is above average for a fire pit of its size. Its 30-inch wide size is great for many backyards and patios.

This Hiland GSF-PR also offers a 1-year warranty to customers. 

The trusted all-weather-resistant PE provides you extraordinary strength and sturdiness. The gas fire pit table’s frame is made of stainless steel, which is tough, rustproof, and heat-resistant. 

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  • Nice size
  • It’s very safe to operate
  • Impressive 40,000 BTU output
  • Heavy and too large for some spaces
  • It does not feature an auto-start system

5. Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire Pit

Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The biggest flaw in regards to wood-burning fire pits is that things can get untidy and messy. They produce lots of soot, and lighting the fire can cause a bit of trouble. The easiest way to fix this dilemma is to buy a propane fire pit.

This Heininger 5795 propane fire pit is well-known on the market. Due to its small size and powerful heat, you can use this propane fire pit without making too many compromises.

This 5995 fireplace has a capacity of 58,000 BTU. This is exceptionally high considering that most patio warmers have a BTU capacity of around 40,000 or somewhat higher.

The Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire Pit is made out of stainless galvanized steel with a shiny protective enamel finish for toughness and long-lasting durability.

The fire pit uses a standard propane tank and heats up clear and smokeless, radiating sufficient heat to warm the entire family during the night.

You’ll get a 10-foot propane tank hose, adjustable regulator, and decorative lava rocks with the packaging. And best of all, it’s portable.

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  • It comes with an adjustable knob
  • Burns smokeless and clear
  • Features a built-in safety mechanism
  • It’s portable
  • Impressive 58,000 BTUs
  • Higher priced for a portable model

6. Peaktop Round Stone Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Peaktop HF09501AA Round 40,000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit Stone Look for Outdoor Patio Garden Backyard Decking with PVC Cover, Lava Rock, 28" x 28", Gray

Add comfort and a stylish layout to your outdoor setup with this circular propane fire pit. This stone gas fire pit provides a classic appearance that gives your deck, patio, or yard a soothing and quiet atmosphere.

This fireplace has a BTU measure of 50,000 and puts on an ambient show as the flames dance over the 13 pounds of lava rocks. The built-in ignition and simple controls provide trouble-free operation and installation.

Use the PVC cover to shield your fire pit from outside elements. The package also includes a PVC cover that can transform it into an outdoor dining table.

Buy one of these fire pits for your patio or garden to create a warm atmosphere that will transform your backyard into a cozy oasis.

The Round Stone Look Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit is robustly designed to avoid cracking or bending, even in cruel climate conditions.

This fire pit stretches 40.55 inches by 40.55 inches by 11.42 inches to give quiet air without occupying too much room.  

Check the price on Amazon

  • Excellent BTU heat measure of 50,000
  • Built-in ignition eliminates the need for manual starting
  • Includes PVC cover
  • Only 11 inches high

7. Best Choice Products 30,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit

Best Choice Products 30,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit for Backyard, Garden, Home, Outdoor Patio w/Natural Stone, Propane Hose, Handle, Cover

You can enjoy the glinting flames of your backyard fire pit and remain within budget with the Best choice 30,000 BTU gas fire pit. It includes stylish stonework that improves the campfire appeal and creates brilliant flames and radiant warmth. 

This fire pit accompanies insulative lava rocks and has vent holes that allow preheated oxygen to fuel the fire, leading to a burning fire with little smoke. This makes it a perfect choice for small-sized patios. The fire pit includes lava rocks to produce a natural-looking blaze. It also comes with a stainless steel burner, a 10-foot fuel hose, and a tank seat to fold your propane tank out of view.

The 30,000 BTU gas fire pit measures 28 inches in diameter, 9.5 inches high, and weighs approximately 62 pounds. The fire pit stones are crafted out of fire-resistant magnesium oxide to provide a realistic stone appearance and feature an electric igniter for easy fire.

Check the price on Amazon

  • Flames burn with very little smoke
  • Provides effortless installation
  • Electric starters allow for easier ignition
  • Suitable for smaller spaces
  • Only 9 inches high
  • At 30,000 BTUs, it’s not as warm as many others on our list

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Buyer’s Guide

Gas fire pits come in different sizes and styles, and some produce more warmth than others. Some of more decorative than others. So what you want from your new fire pit will influence the model you pick. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a model, and the prices (for the most part) are quite reasonable considering how much enjoyment they can bring.

If you’re someone who needs a bit of ambiance while dining, you can go for a small tabletop model. Then again, you could go with a bigger backyard fire pit to use on weekends with your friends and family. 

What Size and What Shape?

There’s a wide variety of gas fire pits in various sizes and shapes. A few gas fire pits come with a sleek exterior that reflects your patio design, while others are more functional.

Gas fire pits can be round, typical for ground-level pits, oval or square, or built into the top of a table.

There are so many styles available that you shouldn’t have any problem adding to the décor in your backyard.

Heat Output

Gas fire pits are rated for heat output in BTU. The greater the BTU, the more warmth the fire pit will produce. You can find fire pits with a BTU ranging from around 15,000 to 100,000, depending on the size. On average, they have about 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs.

Picking a fire pit exclusively on how much heat it produces can be misleading. This is because the heat depends on how close you’re sitting to the fire pit, the external temperature, and whether there’s a draft, which will change the measure of warmth you feel coming out of the fire pit.  

Tank Size

Propane is available in small 1-gallon tanks, which are usually used to fuel portable fire pits or tabletop fire pits for camping and tailgating events. Yet, it’s more common to connect the gas fire pit to a 25-pound propane tank to prevent changing the tank so frequently. If you’re not excited by the appearance of a propane tank or cord that snakes along with the patio or the ground, you can have the fire pit connected to your home’s propane tank (if you have one) or the natural gas line of your house. However, you need to be sure that the model can be used with natural gas before hooking it up.

Safety Features 

Gas fire pits present a few perils, including burn risks from touching the hot fire pit or an explosion from spilling gas. This is a danger with little kids close by and the most secure fire pits include an external casing that stays cool to the touch. 

The other risk of a gas fire pit is that gas may leak. Some fire pits feature a safety shutdown which disables the gas supply when the fire is put out.

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FAQs About Your New Gas Fire Pit

Do They Keep You Warm?

All gas fire pits generate some warmth. More modest gas fire pits will have charming flames, but there is no considerable measure of heat. Choose a model with at least 35,000 BTU for a more extensive fire. 

How Long Does a Gas Fire Pit Last?

Keep it covered when you’re not using it and it can easily last for 3-4 years.

What Should I Look For in a Fire Pit?

Purchase models with the tabletop top, as opposed to a tiny one. This makes serving food and beverages simple and allows you to fit more guests around it.
Some models come with a cover plate to hide the pit and use the whole surface as a table. This is also useful if you have leaves in your backyard that you don’t want to get into your fire pit. 

Why Choose a Propane Fire Pit?

Propane fire pits are easy to use and can create fire in a few seconds, as opposed to preparing wood and kindling. Many fire pits are also mobile and can be relocated with minimal effort. They produce a lot of heat, which is adjustable depending on the flame height. There is no scent and no smoke too. So when the wind kicks up, you can stay put without worrying about dust and ashes. 

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