The Best Retractable Awnings Reviewed

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Best Retractable Awnings

Deciding how to upgrade your backyard and patio area can be difficult for any homeowner with almost endless design choices. But what if there was a way to expand your outdoor living space while also improving your home’s overall aesthetic appeal? A custom, high-quality retractable awning is an option you might want to consider.

Retractable awnings provide the ideal solution for extending your home’s entertaining space while also significantly enhancing the aesthetics of your deck or patio. Retractable awnings are very common due to the versatility they provide, and there are several different options available as a result of their popularity. Here, we will take a look at the best retractable awnings available on the market today. 

The Best Retractable Awnings Ranked

So, how do you pick the right retractable awning? We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork for you. Here’s a review of some of the best retractable awnings available, including the features each model offers and their pros and cons to consider when buying.

1. Artpuch 10′ x 13′ Shade Sails 185GSM Rectangle Shade

10' x 13' Shade Sails 185GSM Rectangle Shade Sail UV Block for Patio Garden Outdoor Facility

This model is frequently used for patios, lawns, gardens, pools, bbq areas, ponds, decks, courtyards, backyards, dooryards, parks, carports, pergolas, sandboxes, driveways, and other outdoor areas. The sun shade sail is made of UV-protected 185 gsm high-density polyethylene (100 percent HDPE) shade fabric with strongly stitched seams. This is what landed the Artpuch Shade Sail on our best retractable awnings list.

The sun sails are easily connected to any sturdy link point with durable stainless steel D-rings in each corner to provide sun protection wherever you need it. The design allows for refreshing breezes and light to pass through for a more airy and relaxing atmosphere. Yet, no rain can pass through keeping your entertaining area dry below.

It protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and direct sunlight. It blocks the sun’s damaging rays while allowing hot air to escape. The fabric has a densely packed breathable material that subsequently removes heat while absorbing up to 95% of UV rays and protecting the skin. Measurement and evaluation are done from D ring to D ring, leaving 1.5 to 2 feet between shade sail D ring and mounting points for the hardware package.

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  • Has a breathable material design
  • Provides efficient UV Blockage
  • Not 100% waterproof

2. ALEKO Retractable Patio Awning

ALEKO AW12X10BLUE30 Retractable Patio Awning 12 x 10 Feet Blue

Most homeowners enjoy many benefits from this traditional style retractable awning. Its blue color is a beautiful contrast to the surrounding environment, providing fashionable sun protection.

It helps to prolong the life of your furniture by being made of waterproof and dirt-proof fabric. The awning conveniently rolls and unrolls back up in just seconds.

You can choose from a range of colors to find the one that best suits your needs, like this navy blue hue. There are also various sizes for this product so you are sure to find the right color and fit for your space. The awning is manual but a motor can be attached to make it automatic. Also, there are options for the support arms as well so you can truly find the right option for your patio or deck.

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  • Firm and lightweight
  • It unfolds in a matter of seconds
  • It is made of material that is weatherproof
  • Easy to manage
  • Set up instructions can be cumbersome, there is a YouTube instructional video that makes set up much easier.

3. ALEKO Best Manual Retractable Awning

ALEKO FAB13X10MSTYEL315 Retractable Awning Fabric Replacement 13 x 10 Feet Multi-Stripe Yellow

This awning is ideal if you enjoy outdoor entertainment with your friends and loved ones at home. The 9.5 x 8′ frame and the 9.8 x 8′ awning provide cover from the sun and other elements. With the included equipment, you can set up in minutes and enjoy your favorite views from the deck or patio, regardless of the weather.

Support arms may be used to mount vertically against a patio or deck surface. It is ideal for a patio and saves energy due to its electricity-free nature. We note the sand finish, which adds to the natural beauty of your outdoor space. If there is some dirt on the fabric, it can be wiped away with a sponge or rag.

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  • It has a natural elegance about it
  • Installation is simple and safe
  • The hand crank is easy to use
  • Capacity is high
  • Aluminium roller that the fabric winds up on is not as firm as it should be

4. TANG Sunshades Depot Beige 16′ x 20′ Sun Shade Sail Permeable Canopy Cover Customize Commercial Standard 180 GSM HDPE

TANG Sunshades Depot Beige 16' x 20' Sun Shade Sail Permeable Canopy Cover Customize Commercial Standard 180 GSM HDPE

These shades have curved edges which enhances the pull strength and prevent drooping. It includes one piece of sunshade, 20 feet PE rope, and an instruction sheet. It comes with all of the hardware you’ll need to get started.

To suit a frame or pergola structure, use the supplied hardware, which includes pad eyes and wire cables. In addition, the retract rod, fabric with panels, control tape, and turnbuckle help to speed up the setup process. The cloth blocks up to 90% of UV rays, allowing wind and rain to move through.

There‚Äôs no need to install a permanent piece on a gazebo or pergola because this retractable canopy allows you to pull back and enjoy the sun. When the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, project the framework for immediate shade.

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  • It offers quite a lot of ventilation
  • Installing it is easy
  • All you need to put it together is included
  • Retractable style with a cool appearance
  • Dependable and adaptable
  • A size set that can be adjusted
  • It’s more expensive than some other options
  • When the fabric is warm, it might sag

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Types of Retractable Awnings 

When you’re researching to find the best retractable awnings for your purposes, there are a few different types that you should be aware of.

Fold Up And Roll-Up Retractable Awning

When you don’t want the awning extended, you can fold it up or roll it up. When the canopy is extended in either way, it pulls taut, allowing rain to roll off and protecting the area beneath it from the elements. The roof pleats up as it retracts in the fold-up version. This version’s main flaw is that dirt and debris can get stuck in the folds.

Ribbed Awning

These awnings are distinct in that they have sides that are formed where the semi-circular ribs cross the building’s side. They are ideal for small areas such as doors or windows because they stretch out and down in an arc. Awnings with ribs are entirely manual structures.

Lateral Arm Awning

A retractable canopy is an advanced and highly developed version of a patio awning with a retractable fabric canopy and a robust frame that can withstand inclement weather. These structures are made to order and can be up to 30 feet wide by 15 feet deep. While many lateral arm awnings are hand-cranked, most people prefer motorized ones and can also be controlled remotely.

Pivot Arm Awning

Another form of retractable awning is the pivot arm awning, which keeps the classic look that everyone loves. These have a spring-loaded pivoting arm that stretches and retracts and is intended for use in windows. This form of awning is also suitable for second-story windows due to the numerous control options available, such as motors or exterior ropes.

Drop Arm Awning

This form of awning’s weather-resistant fabric is usually housed in a roller tube and kept out from the side of the house by spring-loaded sidearms. The top is built in the style of a shed, and the pitch can typically be adjusted to fit your needs.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Awning?

Choosing the ideal retractable awning for your home demands a keen eye.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential points to consider before choosing the right retractable awning for your backyard:


It’s helpful to think about the installation procedure before deciding on a product to purchase. Make sure you know what kind of material you’ll be using to mount the awning because not all frames work with all materials. For example, some won’t work with brick or stucco, while some won’t work with vinyl siding.


It’s also crucial to think about the retractable awning’s size. You want to be sure that it will cover the area that it is supposed to. It won’t meet your needs if it’s not the right size.

To figure out what size awning you’ll need, measure the ground area of the space you want to shade. Ideally, select an awning that is slightly larger than the area you need to protect so rainwater will run off to the side.


You should also consider the materials used to make the frame. It should be sturdy enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements but lightweight enough that it does not put undue strain on the wall to which it’s attached, increasing the risk of damage and possibly causing the awning to fall out of the wall.


The awning’s material is the next most important consideration when making your decision. It must be extra challenging because it will be exposed to harsh conditions such as the sun, wind, and rain.


Canvas is the only natural fiber widely used and is considered the traditional material for an awning canopy.

Canvas usually is made of cotton or linen, with hemp thrown in for good measure. When used indoors, it’s tough, but out in the elements, where it’s exposed to sunlight and moisture regularly, it’s vulnerable. If you choose canvas, look for one that has been treated with advanced protective materials to enhance its ability to withstand the elements and prolong its life.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Is a synthetic material that, in comparison to canvas, is probably our least favorite because of how easily it degrades. Furthermore, it lacks the tensile strength that other materials possess, rendering it susceptible to rips and tears.

Since it’s made of rubber, it’s both flexible and waterproof. However, if you expose it to enough moisture, it will inevitably maintain a wrinkly appearance.


Polyester is thought to provide the best of both worlds, with longevity comparable to canvas and weather resistance similar to PVC.

Furthermore, polyester is the least costly of the three fabrics used for retractable awnings. It’s worth noting, though, that polyester isn’t inherently water-resistant, so it’ll need to be processed additionally for this feature.

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The Best Retractable Awnings Reviewed: Final Words

Do you know which retractable patio awning is best for your home now that you’ve learned about all of the best retractable awnings? We hope the product descriptions and buying tips have helped you to narrow down the choices and identify the right one for your home.

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