Best Tripod Sprinkler for Watering Your Lawn

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Best Tripod Sprinklers

If you’re looking for a convenient way to water your lawn, a tripod sprinkler could be the right choice.  A tripod sprinkler has a stand and a fully adjustable sprinkler head that works effectively for watering a wide area of your yard.

The stands of a tripod sprinkler are stable and most of them can be quite compact when not being used, which makes for convenient storage. A simple garden hose connects easily to the tripod sprinkler’s attachment to make it work. The best tripod sprinkler can really make your work easy help your grass to grow nice and thick.

Sometimes, there are areas where other types of sprinklers cannot reach due to slopes, the height of the sprinkler, or the layout of the ground. So, if you need to water or irrigate the whole lawn, using a tripod sprinkler would be an excellent and versatile option.

The best thing about tripod sprinklers is that they can be used to water long distances and present adjustable settings that put you in control.

The degree of coverage of most tripod sprinklers is adjustable. One of the major benefits is that it’s portable and can be used anywhere. You can transfer it to any place where you want to use it.  

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Ranking the Best Tripod Sprinklers

1. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

Our top-rated tripod sprinkler comes from Orbit. Its most noteworthy feature is that it’s motion-activated using intelligent sensing technology, which allows you to save water by only running when needed. This is a great feature if you’re having issues with animals coming into your yard or garden. The motion sensor will be activated and the sprinkler turned on, which will chase the animal away. It can detect motion from up to 40 feet away. It offers night only, day only, and always on settings so you have better control over when it will run.

The metal tripod extends as high as 54 inches, which allows it to cover a wider area with the spray. There is also a 30-minute timed watering system so you won’t need to be there to turn it off.

You’ll need four AA batteries for this product.

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  • Motion sensor is useful for keeping unwanted animals out of your yard or garden
  • Offers day only, night only, and always on modes
  • Extends up to 54 inches high
  • Metal tripod
  • The plastic connections are prone to leakage
  • May not detect small animals like rabbits

2. Gardena 8138 High-Rise Pulsating Sprinkler On Tripod

This tripod sprinkler from Gardena is one of the higher-priced models, but it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a great product. It doesn’t offer all of the features of the Orbit Garden Enforcer, but it’s simple to use. The folding tripod legs make it quick and easy to set up.

The sprinkler pulsates and offers an even and steady distribution of water, even for taller plants (it extends to almost 40 inches high).

One impressive feature you get from Gardena is a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor. If you have problems with the product, they’ll fix it for free.

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  • Easy to use
  • Folding legs for quick set up
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • The spray doesn’t get the closest areas very well
  • Not many programming options for the price

3. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler 

This product comes with many benefits and can impact your decision for going for the best tripod sprinkler without spending a fortune. It has some great features that come with a broad range of adjustments and settings, and much more. 

It is best suited for wide lawns and can adjust from partial to full circle. Also, the best part is, it is adjustable to a diameter of 85 feet. It can be adjusted from 16 inches to 37.5 inches in terms of height. 

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  • Excellent value for the money
  • It covers a wide area
  • It offers excellent durability
  • It has great customization
  • It has an adjustable head and base
  • The performance is great
  • It is good for large lawn
  • The sprinkler head of the tripod can get stuck
  • Sometimes, the hose attachment leaks

4. Orbit 58308 Tripod Base with Brass Impact

Orbit offers another model that is also an excellent choice without breaking the budget. This is one of the best tripod sprinklers as it comes with extensive coverage to water growing gardens as well as most lawns. Also, it is made with heavy-duty brass that is easily and conveniently adjustable. 

Also, it is quite easy to set up this tripod and also store it. This tripod sprinkler is foldable, and it is really easy to store.

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  • Height that can be adjusted
  • Adjustable head
  • Hose that can be easily connected
  • Weighted legs to provide stability
  • Easy and convenient storage
  • Proper coverage
  • Affordable
  • Durability is only average
  • Hose fittings are not the best quality

5. Eden 11530 Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Drive Metal Tripod Sprinkler

This product from Eden is affordable for any homeowner and a solid choice, even if it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of some of the higher-rated and higher-priced models.

It’s a heavy-duty metal tripod for better durability and stability. It offers five different spray patterns that you can choose and will water a full 360 degrees or a partial circle coverage, depending on what you need to water. There is also a misting system that is great for cooling down plants without a full watering.

The spray can reach up to 78 feet in diameter, which is a pretty good reach for a product in this price range.

You’ll also appreciate the quick connect starter kit that makes it easy to attach to any garden hose. There is also a limited two-year warranty.

Check the price on Amazon

  • Excellent value
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent reach and range
  • Many different settings and options
  • Limited two-year warranty
  • The plastic feet are not that durable
  • Some of the plastic connections are not the highest quality

6. Aqua Joe AJ-6PSTB Indestructible Series Sprinkler/Mister Combo

This tripod sprinkler is made of heavy-duty metal with a rust-resistant body to meet your irrigation requirements year after year. It is a telescopic tripod sprinkler that is adjustable in height from 31 inches to 45.2 inches. It’s suitable for all garden requirements and a solid choice for a budget-friendly sprinkler.

The product is available with six adjustable spray patterns – flat, fan, mist, large, multi, and minimum.

A 360-degree rotating head ensures water coverage to all the areas of your garden.

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Check the price on Amazon

  • It offers durability
  • Rotating head covers partial to full circle for even watering of a lawn
  • It ensures maximum coverage with a diameter of 75.4 feet
  • The stability of the product is excellent
  • The height can be adjusted very well
  • The quality of the hose connector isn’t very good
  • The force of spray is below average

7. Melnor Metal Pulsating Sprinkler with Tripod

This is an innovative tripod sprinkler with a design to water a larger area of your garden. The sprinkler comes with a durable metal head to make it sturdy and last long season after season.

You can also order to add a quick connector, to make this tripod sprinkler easier to handle.

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  • It is an excellent tripod sprinkler for both, personal or commercial use
  • Head can be extended up to a height of 48”
  • It is suitable for ¾, 5/8, and ½ inch hose pipes
  • Best for smaller lawns and less suitable for larger areas.

8. Gilmour 819003-1001 Circular Tripod Sprinkler

If you’re looking for the best tripod sprinkler that is durable, then Gilmour is an option you should consider. It has many distinctive features, such as an adjustable collar. It comes with a deflector dial that helps you to customize the length and direction of the spray as per your need. You can easily adjust it using a diffuser screw and ensure proper coverage. 

The durable metal head and legs of the tripod make it stand the test of time. You can easily water any point of your garden using the extra-large water jet. The price of this tripod sprinkler is also reasonable. 

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Check the price on Amazon

  • Deflector-dial
  • Weighted legs that provide stability
  • It offers partial as well as full coverable
  • It is durable
  • It can be easily customized
  • It offers proper coverage
  • Water leakage problem

9. Aqua Plumb Tripod Sprinkler

Last but not least is the Aqua Plumb Tripod Sprinkler which also comes with several benefits. What’s most noteworthy is the very low price.

It helps to irrigate the lawn up to sixty feet in diameter. Its metal tripod base with leg spikes offers great durability. The weighted legs of this tripod sprinkler allow you to adjust it according to your wishes. 

If you’re looking for a decent tripod sprinkler within budget for a proper garden watering job, then this is the best one for you.

Check the price on Amazon

  • Very low price
  • Optimum coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Expandable base
  • Metal construction
  • The durability is a bit less as compared to other tripod sprinklers
  • Not very high

It’s best to buy a tripod sprinkler if you need to water a large area. A good quality tripod sprinkler will suit your gardening needs and make your task easier. 

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How to Find the Best Tripod Sprinkler

There are several factors you should keep in mind before choosing a tripod sprinkler, such as:

1. Size of Your Yard or Garden

Choose a tripod sprinkler that suits the need of the space you need to water. Every model will have a maximum diameter that indicates how much of your yard or garden can be watered from one spot. You’ll be able to adjust it if you only need to water a smaller yard. Also, it’s best to buy a tripod sprinkler that’s adjustable so that you can properly adjust the height, which will impact how far the spray reaches.

2. Stability

No matter what the type of lawn is, a well-suited tripod sprinkler can work the best when it’s stable and not going to fall over. There are some sprinklers that have weighted legs, and a few others have spikes that push down into the soil to ensure firmness. Some are made with metal legs for maximum stability.

3. Quality of the Tripod Sprinkler 

It is best to buy a good quality tripod sprinkler that provides durability and performance. If you buy a cheap, low-quality product, you’re likely to have to replace it in a year or two. We’ve provided the rankings above to help you find the best options.  

4. Budget

Before buying a tripod sprinkler, you should also have an estimate of your budget. If you’re looking for a reliable and the best quality tripod sprinkler with a lot of features, naturally, it will cost a little more than an entry-level model. How much are you willing to spend?

5. Warranty

It’s important to know about the warranty before buying any product. Many high-quality models of tripod sprinklers offer a warranty that will ensure any defects are repaired or replaced for the first year or two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Start Watering Your Lawn? 

It is wise to water your lawn before 10 AM or in the evening. You don’t want to water during the hottest time of the day as the heat will evaporate more of the water.

What is the Most Effective Lawn Sprinkler? 

There are many factors to decide in case you want to go for the best lawn sprinkler. It will totally depend on the type of lawn you live in. In general, people tend to go for automatic sprinklers as they can ensure watering your lawn on a regular basis. Use our rankings and reviews to determine which is best for your needs.

Are Tripod Sprinklers Better Than Other Types of Sprinklers?

Yes, tripod sprinklers are better, depending on your needs. It shoots at a higher angle which allows the water to cover an area with less overlap than other types of sprinklers do. Also, his type of sprinkler lets you adjust how much space around your lawn each one is watering so there’s no need to worry about overlapping when you move it.

What is the Advantage of a Tripod Sprinkler?

The advantage of tripod sprinkler is that you can adjust the distance of spray as needed. This means if you have a few different areas to water, you can control the reach to cover the entire area without wasting water from overlapping.

What is the Best Style of Sprinkler for a Large Yard?

The best style depends on your specific needs. Tripod sprinklers and oscillating sprinklers can be useful in different situations. If you need to reach a large area, tripods can be used. If your yard is smaller or if you want more focus on one particular spot, oscillating sprinklers may work better for the task at hand.

How Does a Sprinkler Conserve Water? 

Programming options and multiple settings allow you to water the lawn effectively without over-watering. The best tripod sprinklers give you a lot of options for how and when you want to water.

How Many Minutes Should You Water Your Lawn?

Ii general, a good option to water your lawn for at least 10 – 20 minutes. However, there are several factors that can influence this, like the amount of rain that has been received recently, how frequently you’re watering and the temperature.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

Depending on the type of lawn and the recent weather, it’s advisable to water at least 2 to 3 times a week on average for watering your lawn. 

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