Old Glory Flagpole Reviews

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Old Glory Flagpole Reviews

Flags are the perfect symbol of one’s devotion and respect towards his or her country, state, or sports teams. Many people love to fly flags around their houses to show their love, devotion, and patriotism.

If you want a permanent structure for flying a flag, you can install a flagpole in your front yard or somewhere on your property.

If you are an American, you may be familiar with Old Glory Flagpoles, also known as Service First Flag Poles. Here we will provide Old Glory Flagpole reviews to give you all the information you need to decide if this is something you want to add to your yard.

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Old Glory Flagpole Reviews: About The Flagpoles

Old Glory Flagpoles is a Utah-based company owned by a US Army Veteran, Parker McCumber, responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling various flagpole kits that are affordable and easy to install. 

The company claims that all its flagpole kits are made and designed in America. In addition to the flagpoles, this company also sells accessories and flags made in their Utah office. The company does not wholesale other companies’ poles and closely watches over all the designs and manufacturing so that all the profits stay in the US and play a role in boosting its economy. Although most manufacturing occurs in America, some products are also manufactured overseas for better quality and low labor costs. 

This company also goes by the name Service First which stands for quality products for the users and keen dedication to customer satisfaction. They tend to provide quality products, and as the company is owned by a US Army veteran and most of the staff is retired army personnel. There is a sense of trust in this company for the products they produce and sell.

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The company was first opened in December 2019 and has seen tremendous growth in supply and demand since. The company’s product quality has increased significantly over the years, and the product rating has been growing since the company’s opening year.


The company specializes in making flagpoles and sells flags, solar lights, and other accessories related to flagpoles. They sell three sizes of poles: 20 ft, 25 ft, and 30 ft.

They are made from anodized 6005A aluminum material. It has 11 gauge construction to provide maximum resistance to wind thus, is capable of heavy-duty usage. The installation process for these poles is relatively straightforward.

Recently, the company launched the Delta series of flagpoles. The major types of poles they sell are:

Telescoping Poles

These poles are shaped like a telescope which means their radius at the top is smaller compared to that of the base. This pole is capable of hoisting two flags at once. It also has a secure pin-lock system. The interior diameter region of the telescopic pole does not go back into the more significant diameter part after the rod has been set up with the flag. This type of pole does not allow flags to fly at half-staff due to the pin-lock at the topmost region only. 

It has a 3-inch diameter base and is made of rust-proof anodized aluminum which has excellent strength. It can also fit solar lights so that flags can fly in the night as per the flag hoisting’s basic etiquette. The kit comes with a free American flag. It is relatively easy to quickly lower the entire pole, as the bar’s shape is like that of a telescope, so one has to unlock the pin located on the pole. Thus, this pole is relatively easy to store compared to a sectional bar. These are mainly preferred for travel purposes such as in vans and other large vehicles.

Sectional Poles

The other type of pole is our traditional sectional pole. The stick is linear, which means the bar’s diameter stays the same throughout the rod. This comes with a rope and pulley system, also known as the traditional halyard system, which is used to deliver the flag to the point at which it has to be hoisted. Unlike the telescopic pole, this pole can be used to fly flags at half-staff. These poles can be used to pass or hoist three or more flags on the same bar. 

It has a uniform pole diameter of 2-3 inches throughout the pole. It is also made of rust-proof anodized aluminum and has a thickness of 11 gauge. It has a wind rating of 70+ mph, which means it can resist wind speeds up to 70 mph without bending the poles. Also, solar lights can hoist the flag at night as there is a slot to attach solar lights to the bar. This pole has a significant disadvantage over the telescopic pole as it cannot be quickly lowered, so it is used mainly in permanent locations such as outside the house, business, or in the garden.

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Payment Methods

After the COVID 19 pandemic, it is essential to have a way to complete payment through online methods. This company excels in this field, as it provides various methods of online payment. It accepts:

1. Cards – Visa, Master Cards, American Express, Discover

2. PayPal

Online order is available on the Old Glory website

Refund and Exchange Policy

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders. They provide case-by-case assistance to replace or exchange orders as necessary for the customer. The shipping cost of the return is to be paid for by the customer returning the product unless the product received was defective or broken.

All the customer has to do is contact the company through service@oldgloryflagpole.com and arrange for a return and refund within 30 days following the customer’s initial receipt of the product. No refund is issued for items that are refused at the time of delivery.

Customer Reviews 

According to customers, the products are of good quality and can withstand very high-speed winds without bending, and the 11-gauge material and rust-proof aluminum material are of outstanding quality.

Although most of the reviews are positive, there are some negative reviews about the time to deliver the product and late refunds or refund not completed at all. 

Customer care usually responds as soon as possible, but there have been complaints of some refund errors and negligence of the customer care that the company has improved. 

You can buy this product from both online and offline stores. If you buy from a website like Amazon, you can get easy returns or replacements. You will also be able to get additional discounts and offers on your purchase.

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Old Glory Flagpole Reviews Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing a flagpole for your yard you can’t go wrong with one from Old Glory Flagpole. Know that you know more about this company and their quality products from our Old Glory Flagpole Reviews you can confidently make the choice that is right for your flag flying needs.

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